Top 10 Games 2017

If you follow my Instagram feed (really, you should!) then you will know, like every other board game blogger, I did a top ten games of 2017. But I decided to be realistic, I’m not a full time board game reviewer with the time to play all the newest titles; big publishers don’t send me all their latest games to try out; I can’t pull off a big Go Fund Me or Kickstarter campaign to get the money together to keep up with the cult of the new. I’m just a person who loves playing games, like you, and I buy what I can when I have the money.

Saying that, 2017 was a bit of a bumper year for us, we added over 30 games to our collection. However I only played 14 games that were actually published in 2017. For that reason I thought it would be more informative if we put together a top ten list of the games we added to our collection in 2017.

The games added were: Forbidden Island, Terra Mystica, Evolution Climate, Wombat Rescue, Ticket to Ride UK, The Networks, First Martians, Super Hot, Kodama, Love Letter, Flamme Rouge, Century Spice Road, Squirrel Rush, Kana Gawa, Ominoes, The Godfather Corleone Empire, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures, 13 Days, Caverna: cave Vs Cave, Tesla Vs Edison Duel, The Networks, Happy Salmon, Pandemic Iberia, Castles of Mad Kind Ludwig, Imperial Settlers, Sons of Anarchy, Waggle Dance, Istanbul, Herbaceous, The Island of Eldorado, Lords of Waterdeep, Port Royal.

On top of that I can add twenty of so games that I’ve played but not bought, but as I didn’t record them properly I will leave them out of the top ten this time. Even then I think the only game that may have got into the top ten was maybe Unfair.

Anyway, here goes: (more…)


The Island of El Dorado: First Impressions & Battle Report

Daniel Aronson, designer of Tile laying adventure game, The Island of El Dorado very kindly let me review his game The Island of El Dorado which launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday 29th and was  funded within Just 20 hours! If that’s not enough to convince you to take note of this game, then keep reading.

20776417_157112591509251_5099482396896587549_o (more…)

Jonesing for a Smaller Board Game Collection Pt.1

What if you had to cut your board game collection right back to the essentials? What if you could only keep one of each type of game? How would you split your games and what would make the final list?

The Jones theory is an approach to board gaming where you should never have more than one game that fills a roll in your board game collection. For example if you have Thunderstone as a deck builder, then you don’t also need Star Realms. If you have Lords of Waterdeep as a worker placement game then you should get rid of Stone age. Of course you can keep whichever game you prefer.

I’ve seen multiple ways of creating a list, some base them on complexity, some split them by mechanic, others by style or theme. There are pros and cons for all the different ways. I first heard about the Jones Theory recently when listening to The State of Games podcast episode when they split their games by mechanic and style. Inspired by their idea I decided to have a go.

Obviously the main issue with this method of employing the theory is that it is very forgiving, there are hundreds of mechanics and most games employ multiple. So if one game I’ve got doesn’t make the cut for a set collection game then it may survive as a worker placement. Here I will try to keep to only considering major mechanics or styles and use the ones they used in the State of Games podcast.

For each mechanic I will give the definition as described by, then give my choice from my own collection and briefly why I’d keep it over all others, my second choice which narrowly missed out on the top spot, and finally a game which I do not own or have not played but think it may be the one I would keep if I did own it. To learn more about each game, click on the links provided. Let’s go: (more…)

Top 15 UK Games Expo Booths & Games

This weekend I’m heading to Birmingham for the UK Games Expo (2nd – 4th June 2017). I’m only going to be there for the Saturday, I hope to get around the whole place but it’s huge! There are a tonne of booths, many hundreds of games and a sea of people, so to keep me focused I’ve put myself together a hit list to prioritise. Fifteen booths I must visit, and games I must demo on the day. (more…)

The Board Game Diaries #3: Doing the YouTube Tango

Last week we uploaded our first video onto YouTube. Though I’ve contributed another video previously for Meeple Box on the Toucan Play That Game channel, this was our first solo venture on the A Throne of Games channel.

We did a review and runthrough of Takenoko and you can check it out here:


The Board Game Diaries #2: Airecon Special

Last weekend we jumped in the car and headed down the motorway to Harrogate, famed for it’s tea rooms and I’m sure one day, it’s Board gaming convention. Maybe one day Harrogate will be as synonymous with gaming as Essen. …Maybe …one day …hopefully20170311_154351[1].jpg


The Board Game Diaries #1

It was my first visit to the local monthly games night and had my first plays of Ultimate Werewolf, Captain Sonar and Wizard School, plus Spyfall.

Here’s what I thought of them. (more…)

[Preview] First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet

I recently pre-ordered First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet, a co-operative game from Portal Games, based in Poland. I’ve never bought a game on pre-order before, but with cool stretch goals, a theme and style I was really excited by, and the excellent design pedigree produced by Portal Games’ Ignacy Trzewiczek (Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, Imperial Settlers, 51st State) I had to get this game ASAP! (more…)