My First Blog Post

Hello, and welcome to A Throne of Games. A Blog about board games.

I really like board games and would play them every day if I could. I’ve always enjoyed them but for me, buying the excellent worker placement game Puerto Rico by Andreas Seyfarth and from Rio Grande Games started my love for gaming and made me realise what board games really can be.


From them my collection has grown steadily and my wish list even more so. I’ve also previously run a board games night.

I’ve started this blog to record my experiences of playing games and meeting people as I do so, to write about what I think is hot and interesting in the world of board gaming, to create my own written and video reviews and run throughs of the games in my collection and share reviews from other bloggers and interesting news from creators, designers and publishers around the world.

I’m no dice tower or Shut Up and Sit Sown, I’m not going to be churning out tonnes of content. I just like games and want to spread the love with as many people as possible.

Thank you for visiting.



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